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Marantz  Best Surround
AV Receiver


Home Cinema Complex |Impetus Waves| Nagpur |

Home Cinema

From 2.1 to 13.2 Channel Home Cinema, we have it all!

We Offer Dolby Atmos Certified AV Receiver and AV Separator in all well-known brands across the globe.
Get your CAD Design, Electrical,Speaker Wiring with Projector Placement, and best recliner.

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Looking for professional audio solutions for your Retail Store, Clubs, Discos, Restaurant, Bars, PA systems, or Auditorium?
Don't worry we have got this
we have the best brand for you 



​The  Acoustics is a different ball game altogether! Getting acoustics perfect is really a science and working with a professional who has years of experience and all of the necessary tools to perfectly plan your home theater is the only way to ensure you’re getting the best sound possible in your room.